Wednesday, July 27, 2022: Jesus said: "My people, in the days of Jeremiah, the prophets were harassed because of their messages of destruction for Israel's sins of worshiping other gods than Me. Jeremiah was given: 'So also will I allow the pride of Juda to rot, the great pride of Jerusalem. Bring up your children by giving them your full attention, because they grow up quickly, and you are responsible for their food, clothes, and their spiritual life., Monday, July 27, 2020: At one time, My son, you had two agendas, one for Me, and one for yourself. You will also need a small tent (4) and a sleeping blanket as well. I call My faithful to repent of their sins and follow their guardian angels. It is also sad that you are only allowing a 100 people in the church, Monday, June 29, 2020: (Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul) Call on Me to protect you and lead you to the nearest refuge. But now with these virus attacks, the people understand your messages more. Jesus said: My people, during Lent you are called to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. I will perform miracles to protect and feed My faithful. Your country was once beautiful and prosperous, but now you are beset by this evil virus as part of your punishment for worshiping your gods of pleasure and wealth. Have no fear because My angels will put invisible shields over you to protect you. You may not fully appreciate the power of My consecrated Host. Jesus said: My people, in the first reading Amos told Israel its fate of takeover and exile, and the people did not want to hear the bad news. 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You need to pray that your authorities can control these evil mobs, or you will see My punishment come upon you more severely. By Caitlin Johnstone Madrid's status as the national capital reflects the centralizing policy of the 16th-century Spanish king Philip II and his successors. Is There Deliberate Deception and Hypocrisy in the Current Papacy (Pope Francis)? Later, on shore the good fish are sorted into vessels, but the bad fish are thrown away. I told you the evil ones will be using your chemtrails to spread the next virus. Bring up your children by giving them your full attention, because they grow up quickly, and you are responsible for their food, clothes, and their spiritual life., Jesus said: My people, I AM love itself, and everything I do is out of love for My friends. - Feb 25, 2023, Message of Saint Joseph to the People of God - Daily Protection Prayer To Prevent Covid-19 Vaccinations - MaryRefugeOfSouls, IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria - Great pestilences, plagues generated by unknown viruses are advancing upon humanity - OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN, Top Ten List Of Incorruptible Saints With Photos. Worship Me instead of worshiping war and violence from the devil., Jesus said: My people, I want people to love each other, even if you perceive some people as your enemies. around the sick in the world and around all the dying in the world; around all the elderly and abandoned in the world. Jesus said: My son, this is a special day for you and your wife, as you are celebrating your 55th Wedding Anniversary. Do not fear, God will not abandon you." Jesus said: My people, I want you to see the comparison of the temptation of the first Adam with the new Adam in Me. More people will die from this second attack, and the restrictions will be more severe than the first attack. Head of government. If you truly love Me, you will show it in your actions, more than your words. around our children, our relatives, our friends. For those refuges that need help, My angels will finish any projects left undone. Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament is even more restricted. Prophet John Leary - Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ - Feb 15-21, 2023 Update February 26, 2023 / a soul PROPHET JOHN LEARY Tuesday, February 21, 2023: (St. Peter Damien) Jesus said: "My people, the apostles were discussing who is the greatest among them, and who would sit at My right and left in heaven. Thursday, June 24, 2021: (The Nativity of St. John the Baptist) Jesus said: "My people, your readings today give glory to the birth of your children. FAIR USE NOTICE: I am not associated in any way with Holy Love Ministry, Locutions To The World, Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), Prophet John Leary, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, or any of the other chosen messengers or website links that I provide on this blog. Be prepared for more testing of your people because of your sins., Jesus said: My people, this is another example of how My angels will expand all of My refuges. The evil ones who do not repent, and do not love Me, will suffer destruction and the eternal flames of hell. With the Masses that were offered for My intention, I am now in heaven., Jesus said: My people, it is appalling that you Democrat mayors and governors are permitting all the shootings of people. Introduction. around every place that commits abortion or euthanasia. [] The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, the population of diabetes . Tell all the people of the world My truth. July 10, 2020. Your spiritual preparations are even more important than your refuge preparations.. Because Satan has turned many souls away from Me, it is very difficult to fight these evil led movements in your country. If one reads the older messages, it is . In other words, you need to love Me in everything you do, and also you need to love your neighbor as yourself. Michel Message from St. Gabriel. When I spoke with Ajit Kambil, global research director for Deloitte's CFO program, he said. November 21, 2022 VERY IMPORTANT COMMENTARY Explaining The Second Coming Of JESUS, The End Times, The Immaculate Conception, And The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb By a soul MaryRefugeOfSouls, VIDEO Facing Imminent Nuclear War Instructions and Remedy for Radioactivity from GOD, MaryRefugeOfSouls PDF Download: English Collection (Lorenas Messages, 2015-2021) The Way To Follow Army of Saint Michael Archangel // Descargar PDF: Coleccin en espaol (Mensajes de Lorena, 2015-2021) El camino a seguir Ejrcito de San Miguel Arcngel, Video Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Latin-American Mystic Lorena Holy Communion in the Hand February 16, 2022 MaryRefugeOfSouls, Three Videos Latin American Catholic Priest has Vision during Holy Mass of Jesus Christ and in Tears Cries, No more Holy Communion in the hand!, Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Ancestral Curses and Evil Generational Spirits, Including Resources for Inner Healing, Zazzle Collection: Essential End Times Religious Images (Refuge Stickers) Compiled by a soul MaryRefugeOfSouls. This article is converted from Wikipedia: Blenheim, New Zealand. You Friday, June 26, 2020: Fortunately, you have not seen severe amounts of deaths with this first attack, but in the fall you will see a worse virus attack with more deaths than the first. around every place that commits abortion or euthanasia. I desire that your children are born into a couple that is married, and not outside of marriage. You will remain inside of the this refuge ground throughout the whole tribulation that will be shortened for the sake of My elect. Filed Under Messages | Comments Off, Saturday, July 25, 2020: (St. James, the apostle) I have led some of My faithful to set up refuges, and I have enabled them to afford what is needed. I call on Heaven and give my free-will permission for The Father, Son and Holy Spirit the Blessed Trinity; Blessed Mother, The Angels and Saints, and the Souls in Purgatory to do the Jericho Prayer Walk 7 times each day for 7 days around the World. Friday, July 31, 2020: (St. Ignatius of Loyola) Jesus said: "My son, in the first reading (Jeremiah 26:1-9) Jeremiah told the people of an impending destruction of Israel because of their sins. This is just as I healed the paralytic in the Gospel. Trust in Me that I will bring My love and My justice down upon the earth., Jesus said: My people, every child that comes into this world faces many challenges. Since John Tillman took over the program in 2011, Maryland has won 141 of the 157 games in which it has scored 10 or more goals for a .898 winning percentage. This time is almost upon you, so be a wise virgin, and listen to My words of warning., Jesus said: My people, living at a refuge will be a difficult life, but it will be safer than those people who will suffer destruction by the evil ones. Monday, July 27, 2020 Jesus said: "My people, you have read in Jeremiah 13:1-11 how I asked Jeremiah to hide a worn loincloth in the desert. So after My Warning, you need to convert your family into believers, so My angels can place a cross on their foreheads., Jesus said: My son, this virus attack has closed many businesses, and it is more difficult to get to your talks or take an airplane. Then you will return to your body, and you will have a second chance to improve your spiritual life. I call My faithful to repent of their sins and follow their guardian angels. Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament is even more restricted. This is why Thursday, February 23, 2023: 1. Only My believers with a cross on their foreheads, will be able to enter. Every night you hear a list of how many people were shot and killed in your major cities. John Francis Leary, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend to so many, died peacefully on November 3, 2021, Brattleboro, Vermont at the age of 90. All of these viruses are being made on purpose and exported from China to America. Life and career. You will soon be called to My refuges after My Warning, so you will be protected from the Satanic mobs who will want to kill you. You will see a famine, a division in My Church, a martial law (from bankruptcy, pandemic virus, or terrorism acts) and mandatory chips in the body. He had to flee into hiding. You have become blind through sin and because you deserted Me, but I still thirst for each one of you. The name of the star is called Wormwood. You know America will be taken over, so the Antichrist can have his brief reign. FAIR USE NOTICE: I am not associated in any way with Holy Love Ministry, Locutions To The World, Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), Prophet John Leary, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, or any of the other chosen messengers or website links that I provide on this blog. dr fauci pillow henry winkler, ed herlihy kraft commercials, are spring valley vitamins usp verified,